Our Mission

The CJAHS is a volunteer, non profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to preserving and presenting the history of the Japanese American community in Chicago. Through museum collaborations, historical research, and conservation, we aim to preserve the Japanese American legacy in Chicago.

Yoji Ozaki is a well – regarded local community leader who relocated to Chicago after being interned during World War II. Inspired by the federal hearings on the wartime internment and forced relocation of Japanese Americans held in Chicago int he 1980s, Yoji formed discussion groups to help reconnect former internees. The Chicago Historical Society was intrigued by Yoji’s work and recruited him to help develop the exhibit “Chicago Goes to War: 1941 – 1945”. Following this exhibit it became apparent that Chicago was in need to a historical society that would document the Japanese American experience, and thus the Chicago Japanese American Historical Society was formed.

Board Members

Jean Mishima
Jane Hidaka
Darlene Cuker
Nikki Smith
Alexandra Mieko Vasilou
Michael Takashi Shallow


Please send email inquiries to: jmmishima@hotmail.com

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